There are very few people in the world who don’t like avocado, and the only benefit of knowing people who don’t love this creamy, green delight of a fruit is that there is more for you!


Guacamole, is obviously a firm favourite for most avocado lovers. It is amazing on basically  everything ranging from Mexican tacos, toast, nachos to roast veg. My guacamole recipe has been evolving over time. A friend from Texas gave a few pointers (cayenne pepper and white pepper) and I adjusted it according to my tastes (limes juice definitely over lemon juice or other vinegars). Continue reading “Guacamole”

Warm Winter Salad

Winter hit Cape Town this weekend, it is absolutely freezing cold (there is definitely snow somewhere).  Although a stew or curry can cure the winter blues, I do tend to crave vegetables.  Salad is such an uninspiring meal to make during the cold months – cold lettuce, cold cucumber, cold feta….its all too summery and conducive to hot, sunny day.



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Mexican Quinoa Bowl

The last few weeks have been super busy and I have been slack about posting.  But I am back and today I am posting a recipe from my new favourite recipe book: Deliciously Ella.  I have wanted the Deliciously Ella recipe book for ages and FINALLY have it (thanks mom!).



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Courgette Carpaccio

When the sun is out on the weekend, the beers get cracked, ice gets popped into the Gin and tonics and the braai comes out.  What is better than a lamb chop, delicious steak or chicken on the braai, with that char-grilled smokey flavour.




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Butter Bean Curry

Doug and I follow an 5/2 principle.  We eat very healthy food and exercise regularly during the week, but on the weekend we can let go a bit and indulge if we want.  So overall we live a very balanced, healthy lifestyle but if we want some ice cream or a nice cheesy pizza we don’t beat ourselves up about it.  This way we can enjoy the treats we allows ourselves without feeling guilty, because thats what the weekend is for.  That said, we don’t eat junk/fast ever and we rarely eat sugar or extremely processed food.  If I am going to indulge I want it to be quality food.


IMG_5272 IMG_5274

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Many people just go buy something ready made food items from the shops, like hummus, pickled onions, chutneys, pizza bases etc.  Personally, I prefer making things from scratch.  I can control what ingredients I use, how much of each thing I add and I know its fresh! No preservatives, additives, flavourants, colourants or anything other ingredient that starts with an E, ends with a number and looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab.  I know what I have made hasn’t been sitting on a self for months and it was made in China with ingredients imported from South America.



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Vegetarian Chilli

I got a request for a vegetarian meal,  one that was not drenched in cheese, and I was happy to oblige.  Although I am not a vegetarian (obviously), I love vegetarian food and religiously follow Meat Free Monday every week.  I also try cut on my meat consumption during the rest of the week and often land up eating a couple of vegetarian meals.


IMG_4487As I have mention in previous posts, raising livestock for consumption is one of the major contributors to climate change and is also responsible for deforestation, land conversion and other associated effects.  Everyone should make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of meat they eat, especially red meat such as beef and lamb, and Meat Free Monday is a good way to start. Continue reading “Vegetarian Chilli”