Chipotle Adobo Steak Tacos

Following on from my last post about guacamole, my post today is about tacos! Specifically steak tacos and probably not authentic at all, but delicious none the less. The flavours of Mexican food are some of my favourite – spicy from chillies, fresh from coriander, lime and tomato and creamy from a dollop or two of sour cream.


The key ingredient in this recipe is Chipotle in Adobo. Difficult to find in South Africa but luckily I stumbled across El Burro’s chipotle in adobo on YuppieChef.


Chipotle in adobo is a smoky, spicy sauce with juicy chillies – so yum! In this recipe, it is  blended up the adobo and is used as sauce/marinade for the steak. These tacos are obviously accompanied by salsa, guacamole and refried beans! Continue reading “Chipotle Adobo Steak Tacos”

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

The last few weeks have been super busy and I have been slack about posting.  But I am back and today I am posting a recipe from my new favourite recipe book: Deliciously Ella.  I have wanted the Deliciously Ella recipe book for ages and FINALLY have it (thanks mom!).



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Popcorn Prawn Tacos

As I have mentioned previously, Doug and I went through a taco phase.  Out of all the tacos I made these Popcorn Prawn tacos were a favourite.  My brothers polished off what I made and begged me to make another batch.  I obliged and that batch was scoffed up just as quickly.  This is a real winner.




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Cheats Caramelised Onion and Tomato Tart

So I have been super busy the last week! I started my first job on the 1 April so my student days are officially over!  Then it was Easter which Doug and I spent in Elgin.  We ate so many Hot Cross Buns, braaied pork belly, potato and apple bake, the best sausages ever (they sell them at Gogo’s Deli in Newlands Village) and of course some Easter eggs.  It definitely was a weekend of indulgence!




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Coconut Milk Poached Chicken

I am sure there are many people out there, like me, who hate doing the dishes.  So, if you are short on time in the evening there is nothing better than a one-pot dinner.  Especially one that doesn’t require lots of prep, chopping and mixing.  Coconut Milk Poached Chicken is the perfect one-pot dinner.  Full on flavour, quick, easy, healthy and hardly any dishes! How good does that sound?


I got inspiration from the Woolworths Taste Magazine.  The poaching liquid was originally a dressing for a noodle and vegetable salad but I have had poached chicken on my mind for a while so adapted it to work with this dish.  It turned out even better than I could have hoped.   Continue reading “Coconut Milk Poached Chicken”

Cucumber Salad with Asian Dressing

It’s been a while since I have posted a recipe.  The last 3 weeks have been crazy! I have been to France and back and had the best time ever! Check out my Paris post of the best places I ate at.  After France I went up to the bush for a week to do some last minute field work for my thesis.

IMG_6524  IMG_6527

Though I have to admit, it wasn’t all work and no play.  Doug and I relaxed a lot and caught up on some books and generally laziness.  But now I am back in Cape Town, ready to finish my thesis and get back into cooking, which I have missed. Continue reading “Cucumber Salad with Asian Dressing”

Chicken and Leek Stroganoff

Before I went off to university when I was 18 my parents gave me Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food cook book.  The intent was for me to practice a few dishes from before I started my first year.  In the end I only made one dish: Chicken and Leek Stroganoff.


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Red Wine Braised Brisket

The first time I cooked brisket it was a disaster.  It is not a commonly eaten cut of meat in South Africa, so I never really know how to cook it.  When Doug and I were travelling around the USA we decided  to treat ourselves to a good meal on day.  We splashed out and when to Whole Foods and saw that brisket was the cheapest cut.  That night we roasted the brisket in the oven.



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Grilled Kingklip with Prawn Bisque

I thought I was the least romantic person ever until I met Doug, so together we make a very unromantic pair.  In the almost four years we have been together, we have never done anything exceedingly special for Valentines Day and he has only ever bought me flowers, maybe twice or three times.




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Lemon Chicken Kebabs with Basil Pesto Yoghurt Dressing

It is another sunny weekend in Cape Town.  This morning after some freshly beetroot juice and a boiled egg on low GI toast with sliced tomato, basil and asparagus, Doug and I had a great hike from Rhodes Memorial up to the Block House.


When you get to the Block House you have such an awesome view of Cape Town from Constantia all the way to Lions Head.  Such a great way to start a Saturday morning.

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