Apple Crumble

Its winter, its cold and an apple crumble with custard is probably the best desserts to remedy the winter blues.  Apple crumble always reminds me of cold, winters nights in the Midlands with a fire crackling in the background and my brothers and I fighting over who won Monopoly. Coupled with a dollop or 10 of good old Ultra Mel, you literally cannot go wrong!




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Honey Cake with Lemon Whipped Cream

So for the last week Doug and I have been out in the winelands, he has been studying for CFA and I am working on my thesis (supposedly).  Over the last two days the wind has been gale force, so I am have ben stuck inside and I was getting a little bit of cabin fever.  I didn’t feel like doing my thesis and there was nothing worth watching on TV and Doug couldn’t even entertain me because he was being extremely diligent.


There are only the basics in the cupboards here at the moment, so I checked to see what we had: a whole lot of spices and herbs, 8 tins of beans and condiments galore.  Not much I am make from that.  Luckily, the baking draw had all the basics (because I rarely bake) and after looking through a couple of recipe books I found this Honey Cake recipe in Tessa Kiros’s cookbook, Apples for Jam.  I had (nearly) all the ingredients and it has rosemary in the ingredients lists and I am in with love rosemary in sweet baked goods (I made rosemary and white chocolate cookies a few months ago and it just works!). Continue reading “Honey Cake with Lemon Whipped Cream”