All the photographs, writing and opinions on this blog are my own (sometimes with the input and help from Doug).   I will always credit the magazine/cookbook/blog/cook that I took a recipe from, even if I have changed it significantly.

Where do you get your nutritional information?

Some people may have noticed that my earlier blog posts have nutritional information  (I used a site called Calorie Count, which has been used on other food blogs I follow. I cannot verify how accurate the data is, however it does give a general idea about the nutritional information of a particular recipe).  However I have decided to stop, mainly because I find that many people follow the calories that are in a meal and not the actual nutritional benefits.  For example, any recipe with avo sends the calorie count through the roof even though it is such a healthy fruit (well technically) to eat.

Can I post your recipe on my blog/website?

I don’t mind if you post my recipe on your own blog/website (I do the same with other blogs) but please give credit like I do and if possible link it back to me.

Can I pin your photos and/or recipes?

Yes, I would be super excited to see one of my recipes or photos on Pinterest.

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