Bran Muffins

Bran Muffins are one of those things that people think are the healthy option but are secretly packed with sugar and fat.  I spent ages trying to find a healthy, low in sugar and fat bran muffin I could have for breakfast or an afternoon snack. One that actually lives up to the name.



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Chewy Oat and Date Granola Bars

I was on a mission last weekend to find a healthy oat and date biscuit recipe so during the week I can have a delicious treat with my afternoon tea without all the processed sugars, flours and preservatives.  I looked through all my recipes books, scanned Pinterest and explored so many food blogs but couldn’t find what I wanted.  However, I did find this granola-type bar recipe that sounded so delicious and had the same flavours I was looking for.



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Many people just go buy something ready made food items from the shops, like hummus, pickled onions, chutneys, pizza bases etc.  Personally, I prefer making things from scratch.  I can control what ingredients I use, how much of each thing I add and I know its fresh! No preservatives, additives, flavourants, colourants or anything other ingredient that starts with an E, ends with a number and looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab.  I know what I have made hasn’t been sitting on a self for months and it was made in China with ingredients imported from South America.



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Avocado and Jalapeño Dressing

I am back from the most relaxing and chilled holiday in Mauritius.  I basically just read my book in the sun, swam in the crystal clear water and just did nothing stressful for 8 days.  I also got to swim in dolphins which was absolutely amazing! It’s one of those experiences that really lives up to expectations.  The bottle-nose dolphins were super friendly and the spinners kept us entertained by playing around and jumping out the water.



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Kale Pesto

The Christmas holidays are approaching fast!   It is a time full of family, laughter, presents and lots of eating and drinking.  Even before the Christmas day festivities begin there are office parties and last minute get togethers with friends and just general entertaining.

IMG_4458However, one thing I don’t enjoy about this Christmas period is the overload on unhealthy snacks and food.  There are only so much cream cheese dip and Camembert with fig preserve I can eat and the prospect an expanding Christmas waistline is not a happy one. To be honest, I always land up craving something clean, healthy and delicious.  Something that you know is good for you.

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