Sweet Corn Salsa and a Fried Egg

During the week breakfast is normally a rushed affair –  a quick bowl of oats, a smoothie or an egg of sorts. However, when the weekend comes I like to take my time over breakfast. It becomes a real leisurely affair.I enjoy the process of making a great breakfast on the weekend (though normally it is closer to bunch) – no rushing to work or gulping down a cup of coffee. Doug and I often freshly squeeze some orange juice and if the weather is good we sit out side in the morning sun. On Sundays we often make Doug’s famous crumpets or pancakes.



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Quinoa Fritters with a Poached Egg

People often ask where I get my ideas, recipes and general inspiration to cook different meals all time. Obviously recipes books play a huge part (and I have a considerable collection of recipe books) and food magazines are also great (I love the Woolworths Taste Magazine). Pinterest, however, is a never-ending gallery of  food inspiration. I often just scroll through until I see something that catches my eye. This is how today’s recipe came into being.



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Shakshouka with Baby Marrow

About 2 weeks ago I was in London for a short trip. I haven’t been to London in about 10 years so it was great to go back and it was during the Rugby World Cup so there was a great atmosphere! I was also super excited to try some new and different restaurants, the food scene in London is very exciting.



 My first stop was the Borough Market, which was so good I went back for a second time. The produce, meat, cheese and seafood there is amazing and the small stalls sell delicious food. I had the best scotch egg I have ever had with crispy perfectly cooked sweet potato fries. Continue reading “Shakshouka with Baby Marrow”

Bran Muffins

Bran Muffins are one of those things that people think are the healthy option but are secretly packed with sugar and fat.  I spent ages trying to find a healthy, low in sugar and fat bran muffin I could have for breakfast or an afternoon snack. One that actually lives up to the name.



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Chewy Oat and Date Granola Bars

I was on a mission last weekend to find a healthy oat and date biscuit recipe so during the week I can have a delicious treat with my afternoon tea without all the processed sugars, flours and preservatives.  I looked through all my recipes books, scanned Pinterest and explored so many food blogs but couldn’t find what I wanted.  However, I did find this granola-type bar recipe that sounded so delicious and had the same flavours I was looking for.



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Coconut Oats with Grilled Peaches

Most mornings during the week I land up having a smoothie of sort or a boiled egg for breakfast.  The are quick and generally tasty.  However, the last few weeks I decided that it was time for a change and I needed to alter my usual breakfast routine.  So  I started experimenting with oats (I had a large packet of it in my cupboard) for breakfast.

IMG_6545 IMG_6551

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Huevos Rancheros

Firstly, I now have a Facebook Page called Pinch of Salt (obviously) to share my posts on Facebook instead of on my timeline.  Go check it out and let me know what you think!


Secondly, for anyone who is remotely interested in food, the history of food and what is going to happen in the future of food, basically anything to do with food and the way we cook and eat today, there is a brilliant documentary series on National Geographic at the moment called Eat: The Story of Food (http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/eat-the-story-of-food/).   Continue reading “Huevos Rancheros”