Apple Slaw with Tahini Dressing

Growing up I really disliked cole slaw. It always was swimming in mayo and for some unknown reason there were always raisins. Soggy raisin! I like raisins but not in a cole slaw!


Over the last few years I have started to enjoy slaw again, mainly because I make my own. I never (EVER) add raisins and I always swop out the mayo for yoghurt, tahini or a simple lemon and olive dressing. There are so many crunchy vegetables you can add – sugar snap peas, carrots, fennel, apple – as well as other tasty toppings like sesame seeds and sprouts Continue reading “Apple Slaw with Tahini Dressing”

Sweet Corn Salsa and a Fried Egg

During the week breakfast is normally a rushed affair –  a quick bowl of oats, a smoothie or an egg of sorts. However, when the weekend comes I like to take my time over breakfast. It becomes a real leisurely affair.I enjoy the process of making a great breakfast on the weekend (though normally it is closer to bunch) – no rushing to work or gulping down a cup of coffee. Doug and I often freshly squeeze some orange juice and if the weather is good we sit out side in the morning sun. On Sundays we often make Doug’s famous crumpets or pancakes.



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