Date and Cocoa Biscuits

Now that winter has officially arrived, tea season is in full swing. Everyone has their tea preferences. I love strong tea, with a dash of milk and absolutely no sugar! Unless its chai or green tea, then it has to be black and strong.



In terms of making tea, number 1 choice is tea in a teapot on a tray with tea cups, saucers and milk in a milk jug. But that is a weekend thing. During the week, when I want a quick cuppa, then the tea bag  goes in the cup first, followed by hot water. The tea needs to brew for a bit before the milk is added.  Adding cold milk to a teabag before the water is just not on!

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Rainbow Noodle Salad with Mapled Chicken

I am a huge vegetable fan and I love the rainbow on my plate. When I saw this recipe the colours really caught my eye! In fact, the whole recipe book, called Bowl + Spoon, is filled with colourful, vegetable packed recipes. I think I cooked 5 things out of it in 2 weeks.


I did however change this recipe to suit my pantry and taste. The original recipe uses tofu instead of chicken. I am not a huge fan of tofu, so this swop was essential! However, if you are vegetarian or vegan the recipes uses 400g of extra-firm tofu. The dressing for the salad also calls for yellow miso – unfortunately I couldn’t find yellow miso, or miso in general, for that matter in the shops (though I have bought it from Pick ‘n Pay since and I have seen in Woolworths), so I just left it out of the dressing.

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Tomato and Caper Salad

A Caprese salad is honestly one of my best things to eat, combing some of my favourite ingredients, flavours and cuisine.  Tomato and basil are obviously a classic combination and, unless you are a vegan, I doubt there is a person in the world who doesn’t like mozzarella. When I say mozzarella, I mean proper buffalo mozzarella in the whey, not that hard, tasteless stuff that comes in block like cheddar from a supermarket.


In an attempt to retain to last vestiges of summer and coax the warm weather back to Cape Town (it worked a bit because this weekend was a stunner!), I changed up the traditional caprese salad recipe.


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