Quinoa Fritters with a Poached Egg

People often ask where I get my ideas, recipes and general inspiration to cook different meals all time. Obviously recipes books play a huge part (and I have a considerable collection of recipe books) and food magazines are also great (I love the Woolworths Taste Magazine). Pinterest, however, is a never-ending gallery of ¬†food¬†inspiration. I often just scroll through until I see something that catches my eye. This is how today’s recipe came into being.



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Poached Chicken Broth with Spring Greens

Pinch of Salt is now back! After a hiatus due to the fact that I ran out of space on the free version of WordPress and then the exchange rate rocketed up to over R16 to the dollar, things have not been posted. But now I am back with lots of good food to come!

I got this amazing new cookbook for my birthday, In the Mood for Healthy Mood. It has such delicious recipes, with lots of vegetables! The first thing, I tried out the book was this poached chicken soup.



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