Chilli Con Carne

Winter in Cape Town is well and truly here.  There hasn’t been that much rain yet but it is absolutely freezing!! I am really missing beach weather and temperatures above 20 C.  The one good thing about winter is making slow cooked, meaty, hearty dishes.  Curries, stews, pies…anything to remedy the cold winter nights!



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Apple Crumble

Its winter, its cold and an apple crumble with custard is probably the best desserts to remedy the winter blues.  Apple crumble always reminds me of cold, winters nights in the Midlands with a fire crackling in the background and my brothers and I fighting over who won Monopoly. Coupled with a dollop or 10 of good old Ultra Mel, you literally cannot go wrong!




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Mexican Quinoa Bowl

The last few weeks have been super busy and I have been slack about posting.  But I am back and today I am posting a recipe from my new favourite recipe book: Deliciously Ella.  I have wanted the Deliciously Ella recipe book for ages and FINALLY have it (thanks mom!).



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Popcorn Prawn Tacos

As I have mentioned previously, Doug and I went through a taco phase.  Out of all the tacos I made these Popcorn Prawn tacos were a favourite.  My brothers polished off what I made and begged me to make another batch.  I obliged and that batch was scoffed up just as quickly.  This is a real winner.




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Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream Sandwich

When I saw the recipe for this ice cream my mind was blown!  Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream between a toast Hot Cross Bun.  Honestly, could it get any better? I know I am a couple of months late for the Easter Hot Cross Bun inspired recipes trend but I think Hot Cross Buns are appropriate all year round.


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