Courgette Carpaccio

When the sun is out on the weekend, the beers get cracked, ice gets popped into the Gin and tonics and the braai comes out.  What is better than a lamb chop, delicious steak or chicken on the braai, with that char-grilled smokey flavour.




But among the braaied meat and baked potato, chips and dip I always crave a bit of green and a bit of fresh salad on the side.  And of course, there some occasional (vert rare) vegetarians at a braai and they need to eat too.




This Courgette Carpaccio is a perfect side for a braai.  The thinly sliced courgettes can even been grilled on the braai to give those love char-grill lines and smokey flavour. The ‘carpaccio’ is topped with toasty pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, tangy rocket, salt parmesan and a fresh squeeze of lemon.  Even my meat loving brothers  tucked into this salad with gusto.




Courgette Carpaccio

Serves 4-6

  • 350 g courgette, thinly sliced (It is best to use a mandolin but watch out for your fingers)
  • 7-8 sundried tomatoes (in an oil olive or vinaigrette), sliced
  • 30g pinenuts, toasted
  • handful of rocket
  • 1/2 lemon, juiced
  • 20-30g parmesan shavings
  • Salt and pepper
  • Olive oil
  1. Put a griddle pan on high heat
  2. Toss the courgettes in a drizzle of olive oil and season
  3. Grill the courgettes on the griddle pan (or braai) for a few minutes (+- 3minutes)
  4. Place the courgettes spread out on a serving platter, add the sundried tomatoes, rocket, pine nuts and parmesan shavings
  5. Just  before serving drizzle over a bit of the sundried tomato oil/vinaigrette, a drizzle of olive oil and the lemon juice
  6. Season and enjoy!

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 12.17.18 PM

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