Bran Muffins

Bran Muffins are one of those things that people think are the healthy option but are secretly packed with sugar and fat.  I spent ages trying to find a healthy, low in sugar and fat bran muffin I could have for breakfast or an afternoon snack. One that actually lives up to the name.



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Jerk Chicken with Rum-Pickled Pineapple

I got introduced to the absolute deliciousness of Caribbean food after spending two weeks in Barbados a few years ago.  Flying fish, jerk chicken from the local rum shop, plantain wrapped in bacon and macaroni pie are a few Bajan specialities.  YUM! Doug and I came back to South Africa with two bottles of Mount Gay Rum, a couple of packets of jerk sauce and a bottle of Bajan hot sauce.

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Chewy Oat and Date Granola Bars

I was on a mission last weekend to find a healthy oat and date biscuit recipe so during the week I can have a delicious treat with my afternoon tea without all the processed sugars, flours and preservatives.  I looked through all my recipes books, scanned Pinterest and explored so many food blogs but couldn’t find what I wanted.  However, I did find this granola-type bar recipe that sounded so delicious and had the same flavours I was looking for.



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Butternut and Spinach Rotolo

Today I have another delicious vegetarian meal, and I promise even the biggest of meat-lovers won’t miss the meat.  It is so tasty, full of vegetables and a completely satisfying as a meal.  This dish is the perfect dinner if you feel like comfort food without the unhealthiness that normally comes with classic comfort food.


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Cheats Caramelised Onion and Tomato Tart

So I have been super busy the last week! I started my first job on the 1 April so my student days are officially over!  Then it was Easter which Doug and I spent in Elgin.  We ate so many Hot Cross Buns, braaied pork belly, potato and apple bake, the best sausages ever (they sell them at Gogo’s Deli in Newlands Village) and of course some Easter eggs.  It definitely was a weekend of indulgence!




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