Chicken and Leek Stroganoff

Before I went off to university when I was 18 my parents gave me Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food cook book.  The intent was for me to practice a few dishes from before I started my first year.  In the end I only made one dish: Chicken and Leek Stroganoff.


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Wendy’s Coconut Cake

While I am tearing up the slopes in the French Alps, I have planned a great post for you guys.  Wendy’s Coconut Cake is an absolute treat!  Wendy is a good friend of mines mom and he used to bring one back after the university holidays.


Unfortunately for him, he landed up sharing the cake with me and the girls I lived with every time and although I have never met his mom, this cake is enough to know that she is pretty awesome.   Continue reading “Wendy’s Coconut Cake”

Cumin Carrots

So when this post gets uploaded on to Pinch of Salt I will be somewhere in the sky between Durban, South Africa and Geneva, Switzerland.  I am going skiing in Val Thorens, France for a week then Paris for 3 days! I am so super excited, although the max temperature while I am there is like -3 C!  Despite the freezing cold I can’t wait for a week of skiing and of course eating!


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Red Wine Braised Brisket

The first time I cooked brisket it was a disaster.  It is not a commonly eaten cut of meat in South Africa, so I never really know how to cook it.  When Doug and I were travelling around the USA we decided  to treat ourselves to a good meal on day.  We splashed out and when to Whole Foods and saw that brisket was the cheapest cut.  That night we roasted the brisket in the oven.



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Grilled Kingklip with Prawn Bisque

I thought I was the least romantic person ever until I met Doug, so together we make a very unromantic pair.  In the almost four years we have been together, we have never done anything exceedingly special for Valentines Day and he has only ever bought me flowers, maybe twice or three times.




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Basil Chilli Prawns

I am been a bit out of action on Pinch of Salt lately, thesis has been taking up a lot of my time!  Hardly done any cooking or anything actually.  Apart from First Thursday in Cape Town.  The first Thursday of every month all the art galleries in town open up late, and the restaurants are vibey, the food trucks of out and there is free drinks at some places.  I went to HQ (known for their steak) with some friends for half price tapas.  People in Cape Town go to HQ on a thursday for half price tapas! So reasonable AND delicious.


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