Kale Pesto

The Christmas holidays are approaching fast!   It is a time full of family, laughter, presents and lots of eating and drinking.  Even before the Christmas day festivities begin there are office parties and last minute get togethers with friends and just general entertaining.

IMG_4458However, one thing I don’t enjoy about this Christmas period is the overload on unhealthy snacks and food.  There are only so much cream cheese dip and Camembert with fig preserve I can eat and the prospect an expanding Christmas waistline is not a happy one. To be honest, I always land up craving something clean, healthy and delicious.  Something that you know is good for you.

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Vegetarian Chilli

I got a request for a vegetarian meal,  one that was not drenched in cheese, and I was happy to oblige.  Although I am not a vegetarian (obviously), I love vegetarian food and religiously follow Meat Free Monday every week.  I also try cut on my meat consumption during the rest of the week and often land up eating a couple of vegetarian meals.


IMG_4487As I have mention in previous posts, raising livestock for consumption is one of the major contributors to climate change and is also responsible for deforestation, land conversion and other associated effects.  Everyone should make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of meat they eat, especially red meat such as beef and lamb, and Meat Free Monday is a good way to start. Continue reading “Vegetarian Chilli”


In continuation from my bolognese blog post comes lasagna! Although I love lasagna now, growing up it was one of the last things I would ever order.  I think after having too many microwave lasagna meals I got put off.  There was always far too much of that gooey, tasteless white sauce and the sheets of pasta would just slip across the plate.  There was also far too little of the meaty filling for my liking.  To top it off, there was always a layer of oil from the yellow cheesy topping.  Not so appetising! IMG_2510 One day I decided to construct my own lasagna and I was surprised by the awesomeness of the dish! Since that first attempt I have tweaked with the recipe progressing from shop bought lasagna sheets to making my own and ready-made béchamel to adding my homemade version.  Over the years it has become tastier and tastier and a few people have told its the best lasagna they have ever tasted (Going to claim that!). Continue reading “Lasagna”

Simple Bolognese

Mince is one of the most underrated meats out there.  Honestly, there are endless combinations and flavours you can incorporate into the humble mince and its not just beef mince available either.  IMG_2467 Ostrich mince is a great, lean (protein rich) alternative, lamb mince has an amazing flavour and both pork and chicken mince are equally delicious. IMG_2468 The options are endless from good old spaghetti bolognese to koftas or meatballs and cottage pie.  As a student, mince is often my go to meat option as it is affordable and over the years I have built up quite a collection of mince-based recipes.  But today, I am going to talk about bolognese. Continue reading “Simple Bolognese”

Char-grilled Baby Leeks

I have been a bit quiet the last few days, not because I have forgotten about cooking or Pinch of Salt but because I have had my wisdoms removed.  All four! So I have been feeling quite sorry for myself, all swollen, slightly bruised and sore.  I am also very tired of eating soup, smoothies, custard and yoghurt! Usually I love soup but now all I want is something crunchy or chewy and anything that requires me to chew.

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Banana Bread Muffins

A couple of days ago there was a discussion on Sky News about food waste in the UK.  This is a problem that I am extremely passionate about and something that can be changed so easily.  Every day tons of edible food is thrown away in supermarkets and from households while many people struggle to scrape together even a meal a day.  Not only that, a huge amount of resources is required to produce fruit and vegetables, rear livestock as well as processing, transporting and packaging food stuffs.  It is truly such a waste.IMG_4311

I am make a big effort not to waste perfectly edible food.  One of the main ways I do this is to plan my weekly meals and do one big shop.  Although I sometimes forget things, I generally go to the grocery store once a week with a list of ingredients for my planned meals.    Continue reading “Banana Bread Muffins”

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

My little herb garden on my balcony is thriving! I only have mint, coriander and a chilli plant (the rocket never survived) but it is a start.  My chilli plant even has a few flowers so hopefully i will see some chilli’s soon.  One of the main reasons why I decided to do a herb garden is the amount of packaging grocery stores use to package herbs is amazing.  30 grams of basil, parsley or coriander comes in a plastic box, probably transported from across the country.  It seems like such as waste. IMG_4392

There is also nothing more satisfying than picking your own produce from your own garden.  Although I am only growing three things, it is a start and I have big plans for whenever I eventually move out of my flat and get a place with garden.  But for now, I am just going to expand my little balcony herb garden, with my next editions being parsley and basil.


Now, some exciting news.  I have finished my last exams EVER! Yay!  Such a great feeling waking up this morning and knowing that I don’t have to open any books and learning anything (until Monday when I have to start working on my thesis).   Continue reading “Asian Chicken Noodle Salad”